Financial Literacy For Miami Edison Sr. High School

Miami Edison Sr. High School recently hosted an informative event on financial literacy for its students. The event aimed to provide students with a better understanding of finance basics and equip them with practical skills for managing their money.

The event was well-structured, with a program covering a range of financial literacy topics. The program started with a brief introduction to the importance of financial literacy in today's world, followed by sessions on budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt.

The school invited diverse speakers to share their insights and expertise with the students. The speakers included financial experts, local business leaders, and educators with a strong background in finance. They provided valuable insights and practical advice on how students could better manage their finances and build a stronger financial future.

The speakers also shared their personal experiences and stories, which helped to make the event more relatable and engaging for the students. In addition, students were encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions, which created a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

The event was a great success and provided students with a solid foundation in financial literacy. In addition, it was a valuable learning opportunity that will help students make better financial decisions and build a stronger financial future for themselves.


The financial literacy event at Miami Edison Sr. High School featured a well-structured program designed to provide students with practical skills and knowledge related to finance. The program included the following sessions:

  •     Introduction to financial literacy

  •     Budgeting basics

  •     Saving for the future

  •     Investing 101

  •     Managing debt

  •     Q&A with the speakers

Each session was led by a different expert, who shared their insights and expertise. The program was designed to be interactive, with opportunities for students to ask questions and participate in discussions.

The program covered a broad range of topics related to financial literacy, providing students with a strong foundation in basic finance principles. The program was engaging, informative, and designed to help students make better financial decisions in the future.

Invited Speakers:

Jessica Brown: Jessica is a financial expert with over ten years of experience in the banking industry. She specializes in helping young adults build their credit and manage their finances. Jessica's session focused on managing debt and establishing good credit habits.

Mike Jackson: Mike is a local business owner and entrepreneur who has successfully launched several startups. He spoke about the basics of investing and shared his experience building wealth through smart investments.

Dr. Susan Lee: Dr. Lee is an economics professor at a nearby university. She provided an overview of basic finance principles and discussed how students could apply them to their everyday lives.

Carlos Rodriguez: Carlos is a financial planner who specializes in retirement planning. He spoke about saving for the future and provided practical advice on how students can build their retirement nest egg today.

Emily Nguyen: Emily is a recent college graduate who successfully managed her finances while in school. She shared her personal experience with budgeting and provided tips on how students can save money while in college.